Selection of Latest Public Filings

This page provides a selection of recent public documents filed in each case. The list includes indictments, judgements, transcripts, as well as key decisions and orders but does not include motions, exhibits and other filings. Older documents which were subject to modification and translation may also be included. To access documents relevant to a particular case, go to The Cases.

ICTY Court Records
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Prlić et al. (en, 29/07/2015)Jadranko Prlić's notice of re-filing of public redacted version of Jadranko Prlić's appeal brief
Mladić (fr, 08/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 08-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 13/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 13-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 07/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 07-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 10/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 10-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 16/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 16-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 15/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 15-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 14/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 14-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 09/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 09-07-2015
Mladić (en, 14/07/2015)Transcript dated 14-07-2015
Mladić (en, 13/07/2015)Transcript dated 13-07-2015
Mladić (en, 07/07/2015)Transcript dated 07-07-2015
Mladić (en, 10/07/2015)Transcript dated 10-07-2015
Mladić (en, 09/07/2015)Transcript dated 09-07-2015
Mladić (en, 08/07/2015)Transcript dated 08-07-2015
Mladić (en, 15/07/2015)Transcript dated 15-07-2015
Mladić (en, 16/07/2015)Transcript dated 16-07-2015
Prlić et al. (en, 29/07/2015)Notice of re-filing of redacted versions of Milivoj Petković appeal brief and book of authorities
Prlić et al. (en, 29/07/2015)Notice of filing of Prosecution revised public redacted appeal brief
Prlić et al. (en, 29/07/2015)Notice of filing of revised public redacted version of Slobodan Praljak's appeal brief with annexes
Prlić et al. (en, 28/07/2015)Corrigendum to Appellant's brief of Valentin Ćorić
Prlić et al. (en, 28/07/2015)Notice of re-filing of redacted appeal brief of Berislav Pušić
Prlić et al. (en, 28/07/2015)Notice of filing the corrigendum to the public redacted version of Bruno Stojič's Appellant's brief
Stanišić & Župljanin (fr, 30/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 30-06-2015
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 30/06/2015)Transcript dated 30-06-2015
Prlić et al. (en, 23/07/2015)Scheduling order
Prlić et al. (en, 22/07/2015)Decision on Ćorić's and Stojić's motions to strike portions of the Prlić's response brief or to grant leave to reply to the Prlić response brief
Hadžić (en, 22/07/2015)Scheduling order
Prlić et al. (en, 21/07/2015)Decision on Jadranko Prlić's Notice of appeal brief errors and Prosecution Motion to strike Prlić's Notice of appeal brief errors and public redacted version of Prlić's Appeal Brief
Karadžić (en, 20/07/2015)Decision on Accused's 101st Disclosure Violation Motion
Mladić (en, 02/07/2015)Transcript dated 02-07-2015
Mladić (en, 01/07/2015)Transcript dated 01-07-2015
Mladić (en, 30/06/2015)Transcript dated 30-06-2015
Mladić (en, 29/06/2015)Transcript dated 29-06-2015
Mladić (en, 25/06/2015)Transcript dated 25-06-2015
Mladić (en, 24/06/2015)Transcript dated 24-06-2015
Mladić (en, 23/06/2015)Transcript dated 23-06-2015
Mladić (en, 22/06/2015)Transcript dated 22-06-2015
Mladić (fr, 02/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 02-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 01/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 01-07-2015
Mladić (fr, 30/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 30-06-2015
Mladić (fr, 29/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 29-06-2015
Mladić (fr, 25/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 25-06-2015
Mladić (fr, 24/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 24-06-2015
Mladić (fr, 23/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 23-06-2015
Mladić (fr, 22/06/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 22-06-2015
Stanišić & Simatović (en, 06/07/2015)Transcript dated 06-07-2015
Stanišić & Simatović (fr, 06/07/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 06-07-2015
Mladić (en, 15/07/2015)Decision on admission of remaining documents associated with the Rule 92 ter statement of Desimir Šarenac
Mladić (en, 15/07/2015)Decision on Defence motion for certification to appeal the decision on the admission of the evidence of Milan Tutorić
Mladić (en, 14/07/2015)Decision on Defence motion to admit the written testimony and associated exhibits of Witness GRM-246
Tolimir (en, 14/07/2015)Separate and Partly Dissenting Opinion of Judge Antonetti
Karadžić (en, 13/07/2015)Decision on Accused's one hundredth disclosure violation motion
Karadžić (en, 09/07/2015)Decision on Accused's tenth motion to re-open Defence case
Karadžić (en, 09/07/2015)Decision on Accused's ninth motion to re-open Defence case
Tolimir (en, 08/07/2015)Order for format change to Appeal Judgement
Prlić et al. (en, 08/07/2015)Decision on the Prosecution's Urgent Motion to reclassify public briefs and modify the public redacted briefing schedule