Selection of Latest Public Filings

This page provides a selection of recent public documents filed in each case. The list includes indictments, judgements, transcripts, as well as key decisions and orders but does not include motions, exhibits and other filings. Older documents which were subject to modification and translation may also be included. To access documents relevant to a particular case, go to The Cases.

ICTY Court Records
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Šešelj (en, 30/03/2015)Decision on Prosecution Appeal against the Decision on the Prosecution Motion to revoke the Provisional release of the Accused
Mladić (en, 27/03/2015)Decision on Defence Request to adopt modality for Prosecution re-opening
Mladić (en, 19/03/2015)Transcript dated 19-03-2015
Mladić (en, 18/03/2015)Transcript dated 18-03-2015
Mladić (en, 17/03/2015)Transcript dated 17-03-2015
Mladić (en, 16/03/2015)Transcript dated 16-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 19/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 19-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 18/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 18-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 17/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 17-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 16/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 16-03-2015
Tolimir (fr, 24/03/2015)Ordonnance fixant la date du prononcé du jugement
Tolimir (en, 24/03/2015)Decision on Tolimir's request for instructions concerning changes in the description of exhibits
Tolimir (en, 24/03/2015)Scheduling order for pronouncement of judgement
Hadžić (en, 16/01/2015) Decision on Prosecution request for a Medical Examination of the Accused pursuant to rule 54 and 74 bis
Hadžić (en, 11/02/2015)Decision on Urgent Request for Interim Provisional Release
Prlić et al. (en, 20/03/2015)Notice of filing of Public redacted Appeal Brief of Berislav Pusic
Karadžić (en, 20/03/2015)Public Redacted Version of `Decision on Accused's Ninety-Third Disclosure Violation Motion` Issued on 13 October 2014
Karadžić (en, 20/03/2015)Decision on Accused's Request for Public Redacted Version of Ninety-Third Disclosure Decision
Mladić (en, 12/03/2015)Transcript dated 12-03-2015
Mladić (en, 11/03/2015)Transcript dated 11-03-2015
Mladić (en, 10/03/2015)Transcript dated 10-03-2015
Mladić (en, 09/03/2015)Transcript dated 09-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 12/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 12-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 11/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 11-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 10/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 10-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 09/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 09-03-2015
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 09/03/2015)Transcript dated 09-03-2015
Stanišić & Župljanin (fr, 09/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 09-03-2015
Hadžić (en, 17/03/2015)Order issued by the President on 17-03-2015
Karadžić (en, 16/03/2015)Decision on Accused's Motion for Variation of Protective Measures for Witnesses Testifying in Closed Session
Hadžić (en, 13/03/2015)Decision on Defence urgent request for provisional release
Hadžić (en, 13/03/2015)Decision on Defence request for reclassification of filings related to Hadzic's health condition as public and Prosecution Motion for reclassification of testimony as public
Mladić (en, 05/03/2015)Transcript dated 05-03-2015
Mladić (en, 04/03/2015)Transcript dated 04-03-2015
Mladić (en, 03/03/2015)Transcript dated 03-03-2015
Mladić (en, 02/03/2015)Transcript dated 02-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 05/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 05-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 04/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 04-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 03/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 03-03-2015
Mladić (fr, 02/03/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 02-03-2015
Mladić (B/C/S, 16/09/2013)Odluka po zahtjevu tužilastva da doda dokazne predmete na spisak na osnovu pravila 65ter
Karadžić (en, 12/03/2015)Public Redacted Version of "Decision on Accused's Motion to Recall KDZ080 and for Rescission of Protective Measures" Issued on 3 July 2013
Karadžić (en, 12/03/2015)Decision on Accused's Request for Public Redacted Version of Decision Relating to Witness KDZ080
Haradinaj et al. (fr, 29/11/2012)Jugement
Karadžić (en, 02/04/0032)Transcript dated 26-10-2011
Karadžić (fr, 26/10/2011)Compte-rendu d'audience du 26-10-2011
Karadžić (en, 11/03/2015)Decision on Stanišić request for extension of time to comply with the decision on access to confidential materials in the Stanišić and Simatović Case
Prlić et al. (en, 11/03/2015)Decision on Prlić's motion to replace translation of exhibits 4D00348 and 3D03065
Stanišić & Simatović (en, 11/03/2015)Decision on Stanišić request for extension of time to comply with the decision on access to confidential materials in the Stanišić and Simatović Case
Hadžić (en, 09/03/2015)Decision on third Defence Motion for leave to amend its rule 65ter exhibit list
Karadžić (en, 09/03/2015)Decision on the Accused's Fifth Motion to Re-Open Defence Case: Zimmerman Cable
Hadžić (en, 26/02/2015)Transcript dated 26-02-2015
Hadžić (en, 25/02/2015)Transcript dated 25-02-2015
Hadžić (en, 26/02/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 26-02-2015
Hadžić (fr, 25/02/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 25-02-2015
Mladić (en, 26/02/2015)Transcript dated 26-02-2015
Mladić (en, 25/02/2015)Transcript dated 25-02-2015
Mladić (en, 24/02/2015)Transcript dated 24-02-2015
Mladić (en, 23/02/2015)Transcript dated 23-02-2015
Mladić (fr, 26/02/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 26-02-2015
Mladić (fr, 25/02/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 25-02-2015
Mladić (fr, 24/02/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 24-02-2015
Mladić (fr, 23/02/2015)Compte-rendu d'audience du 23-02-2015
Mladić (B/C/S, 23/10/2014)Odluka po zahtjevu tužilastva za ponovno otvaranje dokaznog postupka tužilastva
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 02/03/2015)Decision on urgent motion on behalf of Mićo Stanišić seeking rescheduling of 6th March status conference
Karadžić (B/C/S, 30/11/2009)Nalog kojim se odobrava objelodanjivanje
Karadžić (B/C/S, 17/01/2013)Daljnji nalog za privremeno dovođenje svjedoka lišenog slobode
Karadžić (B/C/S, 12/11/2012)Daljnji nalog za privremeno dovođenje svjedoka lišenog slobode