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December Top
20 December 1996Blaskic case: motion for provisional release rejected.
18 December 1996Blaskic case: Prosecutor opposes Defence's motion for provisional release.
17 December 1996Celebici trial date set for 28 January 1997
13 December 1996Tadic case: update on Witness L (Dragan Opacic).
12 December 1996Blaskic case: provisional release of the accused to be discussed on Thursday 19 December.
11 December 1996Delic case (Celebici): three appeals Judges reject the latest application of the accused.
5 December 1996Blaskic case
4 December 1996Blaškić indictment amended
4 December 1996Blaskic indictment amended.
4 December 1996Judges adopt Resolution on London Peace Conference during their twelth Plenary Session
November Top
29 November 1996The International Criminal Tribunal hands down its first sentence: 10 years of imprisonment for Drazen Erdemovic.
27 November 1996Delic case (Celebici): three Judges reject the application of the accused seeking leave to appeal of the decision denying provisional release.
26 November 1996Delic case (Celebici): defendant seeks leave to appeal against the decision denying his motion on the form of the indictment.
22 November 1996Erdemovic case: the judgement will be announced on 29 November.
19 November 1996Celebici case: the two motions on the form of the indictment filed by the defendants Landzo and Delic are denied.
15 November 1996Erdemovic case: a second defence witness is given a pseudonym.
12 November 1996Blaškć Case Update: Chamber Grants Partial Anonymity to Two Prosecution Witnesses
11 November 1996Delic case (Celebici) : defendant seeks leave to appeal against the decision denying his motion for provisional release.
6 November 1996Defendant Blaskic appoints a new lead defence lawyer.
October Top
31 October 1996Press release of the official visit of Dr. Klaus Kinkel, Foreign Minister of Germany, to the Tribunal on 31 October 1996.
30 October 1996International Tribunal demands immediate arrest of accused.
30 October 1996Delic case (Celebici): Trial Chamber denies the accused's motion for provisional release.
25 October 1996Tadic case: press statement by the Prosecutor.
21 October 1996Erdemovic case: pre-sentencing hearing scheduled for 19 and 20 November 1996.
16 October 1996Delalic case : three Judges dismiss the last two applications by the accused for leave to appeal.
15 October 1996Blaškić case: Appeals bench rejects the prosecutor’s application for leave to appeal
15 October 1996Tadic Trial: defence witnesses give testimony by a live satellite link.
15 October 1996Delalic case (Celebici) : three Judges reject the application by the accused for leave to appeal the decision on joint trials.
11 October 1996Delalic case (Celebici) : defendant seeks leave to appeal against three decisions of Trial Chamber II.
10 October 1996Blaskic Case: The Prosecutor Seeks Leave To Appeal
9 October 1996Celebici case/Update 7 : Trial Chamber II denies Delalic's motion on the form of the indictment.
8 October 1996Celebici/Update 6 : clerical amendment of the indictment.
4 October 1996Blaskic trial set for 8 January 1997.
2 October 1996Celebici update 5 : Delalic's provisional release rejected.
1 October 1996Celebici case update 3 : Accused will be tried jointly.
September Top
30 September 1996Justice Louise Arbour takes up her office.
17 September 1996Tadic case : Trial Chamber rejects defence motion on dismissal of charges.
13 September 1996Rajic case : Trial Chamber establishes Croatia's direct involvement in the conflict in Bosnia.
11 September 1996Ruling of Trial Chamber in Rajic Rule 61 hearing on Friday 13 September 1996.
9 September 1996Defence motion on dismissal of charges to be discussed at resumption of Tadic trial.
August Top
19 August 1996Mr. Justice Saad Saood Jan appointed to succeed Judge Rustam Sidhwa.
7 August 1996Tadic update 2 : defence motion on hearsay rejected.
July Top
31 July 1996Joint press statement visit to The Hague by delegation from Republika Srpska.
22 July 1996Celebici case update: Delalic's provisional release sought.
11 July 1996Trial Chamber issues international arrest warrants against Karadzic and Mladic and rebukes Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Republika Srpska for failing to arrest them.
8 July 1996Decision in Karadzic and Mladic Rule 61 to be handed down Thursday 11 July at 4 p.m.
5 July 1996First exhumation by ICTY to begin in Srebrenica area.
4 July 1996Erdemovic case : pre-sentencing hearing postponed.
June Top
28 June 1996Statement by the Prosecutor.
27 June 1996Gang rape, torture and enslavement of Muslim women charged in ICTY's first indictment dealing specifically with sexual offences.
27 June 1996Nine more persons indicted for attacks on Muslims in the Lasva river valley.
26 June 1996Evidence Hearing Against Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić
24 June 1996Erdemovic case : pre-sentencing hearing on 8 and 9 July 1996.
18 June 1996Goran Lajic returned to Germany.
17 June 1996Public motion hearing on Lajic scheduled for 4 p.m. today.
13 June 1996Hazim Delic and Esad Landzo have been transferred to the Tribunal and will enter a plea on 18 June 1996.
13 June 1996The President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia calls for a sports boycott.
10 June 1996Accused Zlatko Aleksovski arrested.
7 June 1996President Cassese holds further meetings in Sarajevo.
5 June 1996President Cassese seeks assurances from Belgrade and Sarajevo on cooperation with ICTY.
5 June 1996President Cassese holds high-level talks in Belgrade.
3 June 1996Djukic case terminated by the death of the accused.
May Top
29 May 1996Meetings in Zagreb between ICTY President and Croatian Ministers.
29 May 1996Press information: Justice Goldstone's comments on the arrest of indicted war criminals in the former Yugoslavia and the role of the Security Council and IFOR in that regard.
29 May 1996Drazen Erdemovic indicted; first appearance on Friday 31 May 1996.
28 May 1996Radoslav Kremenovic remanded back to FRY.
28 May 1996Mucic case - IT-96-21-T : update 2.
24 May 1996Meetings in Bonn between ICTY President and German Ministers.
23 May 1996President Cassese reports to Security Council on the continuing violation by the FRY of its obligation to cooperate with ICTY.
22 May 1996Evidence against Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic will be publicly displayed beginning on 27 June.
15 May 1996Erdemovic and Kremenovic - update 1 - Prosecutor seeks deferral of Erdemovic case; Kremenovic to be remanded back to the FRY.
13 May 1996Goran Lajic turned over to the Tribunal.
8 May 1996Accused Zejnil Delalic has been transferred to the International Tribunal and will enter a plea on Thursday 9 May.
6 May 1996The Tribunal's first trial : another step in the fulfillment of the Tribunal's mandate.
1 May 1996Decision in Rajic case Rule 61 hearing postponed.
April Top
26 April 1996The Judges take stock of the situation of the Tribunal on the eve of the first trial
26 April 1996The United Kingdom confirms its continued support for the Tribunal
25 April 1996Blaskic's provisional release rejected.
24 April 1996Djukic case/update 4 : Trial Chamber upholds the indictment but orders Djukic's provisional release on humanitarian grounds.
24 April 1996Prosecutor appeals decision to uphold indictment against Djukic.
23 April 1996Blaskic case/update 2 : defendant's detention conditions further modified.
19 April 1996Djukic case/update 3 : Prosecutor files motion to withdraw Djukic's indictment.
16 April 1996Tadic update : defence and Prosecutor file pre-trial motions.
11 April 1996Mucic case - IT-96-21-T/update 1 : Robert Rhodes appointed as Mucic's defence lawyer.
9 April 1996Mucic turned over to the Tribunal.
3 April 1996The Tribunal issues international arrest warrants against Mrksic, Radic and Sljvancanin and reprimands Belgrade for its refusal to co-operate.
3 April 1996Colonel Krsmanovic remanded back to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
March Top
30 March 1996Erdemovic and Kremenovic transferred to The Hague.
30 March 1996Prosecutor's statement with regard to the release of prisoners throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.
29 March 1996Krsmanovic case - IT-96-19-Misc1/update 1.
27 March 1996Evidence hearing called in the Rajic case (Stupni Do).
25 March 1996Krsmanovic case - IT-96-19-Misc1.
25 March 1996Djukic case - IT-96-20-T/update 2.
22 March 1996Accused Goran Lajic, guard at the Keraterm camp, arrested in Germany.
22 March 1996International Tribunal issues first indictment dealing with Bosnian-Serb victims.
20 March 1996President Cassese assured of the cooperation of the Russian Federation
15 March 1996Rule 61 hearing scheduled for three JNA officers charged with Vukovar hospital massacre
14 March 1996Former senior Italian prosecutors to reinforce Tribunal staff
14 March 1996Djukic case - IT-96-20-T/update 1.
8 March 1996The Tribunal issues an international arrest warrant against Milan Martic.
7 March 1996Press statement by Justice R.J. Goldstone, Prosecutor of the ICTY.
1 March 1996General Djukic indicted.
1 March 1996Mrs. Louise Arbour appointed as International Tribunal's Prosecutor
February Top
27 February 1996Announcement of a public hearing in the Djukic case
26 February 1996President Cassese welcomes the "clear and uncompromising support" of the European Union
23 February 1996France expresses its "unconditional support" to the Tribunal
20 February 1996Milan Martic case to be reviewed in open court, possibly with witnesses.
16 February 1996Djukic and Krsmanovic cases.
14 February 1996Press statement by Justice R.J. Goldstone, Prosecutor of the ICTY.
13 February 1996General Djukic and Colonel Krsmanovic to be transferred to The Hague.
7 February 1996Tribunal's Prosecutor requests Bosnia to provisionally arrest General Djukic and Colonel Krsmanovic.
6 February 1996President Cassese takes stock of current co-operation between Croatia, the FRY and the Tribunal.
1 February 1996President Cassese has engaged in a series of high-level European contacts.
January Top
23 January 1996Judges say Tribunal is entering "new and critical phase"