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December Top
29 December 2007Mladen Markać to be arrested and transferred to The Hague
19 December 2007Portugal signs enforcement of sentences agreement
19 December 2007Rasim Delić placed under House arrest
14 December 2007Ramush Haradinaj and Lahi Brahimaj granted provisional release
12 December 2007Dragomir Milošević sentenced to 33 years' imprisonment for crimes committed in Sarajevo
12 December 2007Veselin Šljivančanin granted provisional release
11 December 2007President Pocar's address before the Security Council
11 December 2007Vinko Pandurević granted provisional release
10 December 2007Provisional Release granted to three Accused
November Top
30 November 2007Prlić et al. Case provisional releases granted
28 November 2007President and Prosecutor welcome appointment of Serge Brammertz as future Prosecutor of ICTY
26 November 2007Rasim Delić granted temporary provisional release
13 November 2007A second witness in Haradinaj et al. case arrested for Contempt of Court
9 November 2007Witness in Haradinaj et al. case arrested for Contempt of Court
October Top
31 October 2007President Pocar addresses meeting of legal advisers of UN Member States
31 October 2007Appeals chamber dismisses Dragan Zelenović's appeal and affirms sentence of 15 years' imprisonment
26 October 2007Address by Tribunal Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte to NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Belgrade: The ICTY and the Legacy of the past
16 October 2007Appeals Chamber affirms acquittal of Sefer Halilović
15 October 2007ICTY Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte provides assesment of Serbia's cooperation to the EU General Affairs and External Relations Council
15 October 2007President Pocar addresses the United Nations General Assembly
11 October 2007Appeals Judgement for Sefer Halilović to be rendered on 16 October 2007
9 October 2007ICTY Annual Report released
9 October 2007Lancement d'une étude sur la conservation des archives des Tribunaux
9 October 2007Tribunals launch Archiving Study
5 October 2007Grave concern regarding Tolimir's health and his refusal to accept treatment or medication
3 October 2007Ramush Haradinaj granted temporary provisional release on compassionate grounds
3 October 2007Prosecutor's statement on Serbia's cooperation with her office
September Top
27 September 2007The Tribunal's Appeals Chamber today upheld the Trial Chamber judgement in the case against former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members Fatmir Limaj, Isak Musliu and Haradin Bala.
27 September 2007Mrkšić found guilty of aiding and abetting murders at Ovčara, and Šljivančanin guilty of mistreatment, Radić acquitted
26 September 2007Judge Fausto Pocar and Judge Kevin Parker re-elected as President and Vice-President of the Tribunal, respectively.
25 September 2007Appeals judgement for Fatmir Limaj, Isak Musliu and Haradin Bala to be rendered on 27 September 2007
14 September 2007The United Nations Security Council issued today Resolution 1775 (2007) extending the mandate of Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte until 31 December 2007.
5 September 2007Trial Chamber in Rasim Delić case to hold a hearing in Sarajevo
3 September 2007Trial Chamber conducts site visit in Rasim Delić case
August Top
7 August 2007Ukraine signs enforcement of sentences agreement
July Top
25 July 2007Statement of the Prosecutor
23 July 2007Computers to Kosovo schools donation
20 July 2007Milan Lukić and Sredoje Lukić to be tried jointly at the ICTY
20 July 2007Ramush Haradinaj denied temporary provisional release
16 July 2007Statement of the Prosecutor
13 July 2007Temporary provisional release granted for Radivoje Miletić and Milan Gvero
6 July 2007Rasim Delić trial to begin on 9 July
5 July 2007Temporary provisional release granted for Dragoljub Ojdanić
3 July 2007Carla del Ponte, Chief Prosecutor, in Brussels
2 July 2007Serbian students begin internship
2 July 2007Ad litem Judge Lattanzi sworn in
June Top
28 June 2007Address Of Carla Del Ponte, Chief Prosecutor, At The Parliamentary Assembly Of The Council Of Europe
22 June 2007Provisional release granted to nine accused
20 June 2007Judge Meron Honoured With French Legion of Honour
18 June 2007President Pocar's address before Security Council
18 June 2007Prosecutor Del Ponte's address before the Security Council
17 June 2007Vlastimir Ðorðević In Tribunal Custody
13 June 2007President Pocar Participates in Expert Meeting on Inter-State Judicial Cooperation in War Crimes Proceedings
12 June 2007Milan Martić sentenced to 35 years for crimes against humanity and war crimes
11 June 2007Milorad Trbić transferred to stand trial in Bosnia and Herzegovina
8 June 2007President Pocar Discusses Cooperation With EC Vice-President Frattini
8 June 2007Milan Martic Trial Chamber Judgement to be rendered on 12 June 2007
1 June 2007Zdravko Tolimir in Tribunal Custody
May Top
9 May 2007Appeals Chamber acquits Vidoje Blagojević of aiding Srebrenica genocide, affirms other convictions against him and Dragan Jokić
7 May 2007Appeals judgement for Vidoje Blagojević and Dragan Jokić to be rendered on 9 May 2007
April Top
19 April 2007Tribunal receives Spanish award for its achievements
16 April 2007Statement of the Office of the Prosecutor
13 April 2007Ivica Rajić transferred to serve sentence in Spain
11 April 2007Momir Nikolić transferred to Finland to serve sentence
10 April 2007Weekly Press Briefing
5 April 2007Decision rendered on referral of Milan and Sredoje Lukić to Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 April 2007Dragan Zelenović sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment
3 April 2007Appeals Chamber reduces Radoslav Brđanin's sentence to 30 years
2 April 2007Dragan Zelenović sentencing judgement to be rendered on 4 April 2007
2 April 2007Appeals Chamber dismisses Miroslav Bralo's appeal affirms sentence of 20 years' imprisonment
March Top
30 March 2007Appeals Judgement For Radoslav Brđanin To Be Rendered On 3 April 2007
29 March 2007Appeals Judgement for Miroslav Bralo to be rendered on 2 April 2007
28 March 2007Vladimir Kovačević to stand trial in Serbia following Appeals Chamber decision
27 March 2007Blagoje Simić transferred to serve sentence
19 March 2007Trial Chamber visits alleged Sarajevo crime scenes in Dragomir Milošević case
15 March 2007Appeals chamber dismisses Josip Jović’s appeal affirms fine of 20,000 for contempt of court
February Top
28 February 2007Haradinaj et al.trial to begin on 5 march 2007
15 February 2007Address by Prosecutor Del Ponte on Importance of War Crimes Trials for Truth-telling Process
13 February 2007Joint press conference of ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte and Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel De Gucht
7 February 2007Domagoj Margetić sentenced to three months prison term for contempt
1 February 2007UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits the ICTY, praises Tribunal's work
January Top
29 January 2007Visit of Geoff Hoon, UK Minister for Europe
17 January 2007Dragan Zelenović pleads guilty
12 January 2007Milomir Stakić transferred to serve sentence in France
12 January 2007Delegation from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Visits Tribunal
11 January 2007President Pocar discusses cooperation with EC Vice-President Frattini
9 January 2007Ad Litem Judge Harhoff Sworn In
8 January 2007Start of Trial in Dragomir Milošević Case