Selection of Latest Public Filings

This page provides a selection of recent public documents filed in each case. The list includes indictments, judgements, transcripts, as well as key decisions and orders but does not include motions, exhibits and other filings. Older documents which were subject to modification and translation may also be included. To access documents relevant to a particular case, go to The Cases.

ICTY Court Records
Online searchable database of the Tribunal's case documents. Contains more than 190,000 public records, ranging from arrest warrants, motions, exhibits, through to the final appeal judgement in every case.

Karadžić (en, 17/12/2014)Decision on Accused's Third Motion to Re-open Defence Case
Prlić et al. (en, 16/12/2014)Scheduling Order
Popović et al. (en, 12/12/2014)Decision on Vinko Pandurević's renewed motion for provisional release
Mladić (fr, 04/12/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 04-12-2014
Mladić (fr, 01/12/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 01-12-2014
Mladić (fr, 02/12/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 02-12-2014
Mladić (fr, 03/12/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 03-12-2014
Mladić (en, 01/12/2014)Transcript dated 01-12-2014
Mladić (en, 02/12/2014)Transcript dated 02-12-2014
Mladić (en, 04/12/2014)Transcript dated 04-12-2014
Mladić (en, 03/12/2014)Transcript dated 03-12-2014
Prlić et al. (en, 11/12/2014)Decision on Prosecution Motion to strike grounds 12 and 14 of Valentin Ćorić's notice of Appeal
Karadžić (en, 10/12/2014)Order related to Motion for Reclassification of Filings relating to Transfer of Defence Witnesses
Mladić (en, 11/12/2014)Decision on Defence motion for variation of time limit for motion for certification to appeal decision denying protective measures
Šešelj (en, 25/11/2014)Order lifting the confidentiality of the Annex to Order of 6 November 2014
Stanišić & Simatović (B/C/S, 28/11/2014)Nalog kojim se zamenjuje sudija u predmetu pred Žalbenim većem
Mladić (en, 08/12/2014)Order to redact the public transcript and the public broadcast of a hearing
Karadžić (B/C/S, 02/12/2014)Javna redigovana verzija odluke od 25. jula po Žalbi na Odluku u vezi sa slabim imovinskim stanjem
Karadžić (B/C/S, 05/09/2014)Odluka po Zahtjevu za preispitivanje Odluke sekretara
Karadžić (en, 05/09/2014)Decision on request for review of Registrar's Decision
Karadžić (en, 05/12/2014)Order lifting confidential and ex parte status of decision on request for review of Registrar's Decision issued on 5 September 2014
Karadžić (en, 05/12/2014)Decision on Accused's Ninety-Fifth Disclosure Violation Motion
Popović et al. (en, 04/12/2014)Decision on Vujadin Popović's seventh Motion for admission of additional evidence on Appeal pursuant to rule 115
Mladić (fr, 27/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 27-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 26/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 26-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 25/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 25-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 24/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 24-11-2014
Mladić (en, 26/11/2014)Transcript dated 26-11-2014
Mladić (en, 25/11/2014)Transcript dated 25-11-2014
Mladić (en, 27/11/2014)Transcript dated 27-11-2014
Mladić (en, 24/11/2014)Transcript dated 24-11-2014
Karadžić (en, 03/12/2014)Public redacted version of decision on Accused's request for review of Registrar's decision on indigence issued on 25 February 2014
Karadžić (en, 03/12/2014)Decision on Registrar's request for public redacted version
Karadžić (en, 02/12/2014)Public Redacted Version of the 25 July 2014 Decision on Appeal from Decision on Indigence
Stanišić & Simatović (en, 28/11/2014)Order replacing a Judge in a case before the Appeals Chamber
Hadžić (en, 28/11/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for Admission of Evidence of DGH-051 pursuant to Rule 92 ter
Mladić (en, 20/11/2014)Transcript dated 20-11-2014
Mladić (en, 19/11/2014)Transcript dated 19-11-2014
Mladić (en, 18/11/2014)Transcript dated 18-11-2014
Mladić (en, 17/11/2014)Transcript dated 17-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 20/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 20-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 19/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 19-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 18/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 18-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 17/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 17-11-2014
Mladić (B/C/S, 28/06/2013)Odluka po cetrnaestom zahtjevu tuzilastva za prihvatanje dokaza na osnovu pravila 92bis
Hadžić (en, 25/11/2014)Decision on fourth Defence Motion for leave to amend its rule 65ter exhibit list
Šešelj (fr, 25/11/2014)Ordonnance relative à la levée de la confidentialité de l'annexe à l'ordonnance du 6 novembre 2014
Mladić (en, 13/11/2014)Transcript dated 13-11-2014
Mladić (en, 12/11/2014)Transcript dated 12-11-2014
Mladić (en, 11/11/2014)Transcript dated 11-11-2014
Mladić (en, 10/11/2014)Transcript dated 10-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 13/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 13-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 12/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 12-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 11/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 11-11-2014
Mladić (fr, 10/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 10-11-2014
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 12/11/2014)Transcript dated 12-11-2014
Stanišić & Župljanin (fr, 12/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 12-11-2014
Tolimir (en, 12/11/2014)Transcript dated 12-11-2014
Tolimir (fr, 12/11/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 12-11-2014
Prlić et al. (en, 18/11/2014)Order replacing a Judge in a case before the Appeals Chamber
Mladić (fr, 07/09/2012)Decision relative a la demande de Ratko Mladic aux fins de consultation de documents deposes dans des affaires terminées
Hadžić (en, 17/11/2014)Decision on matters relating to certain documents and transcripts