Selection of Latest Public Filings

This page provides a selection of recent public documents filed in each case. The list includes indictments, judgements, transcripts, as well as key decisions and orders but does not include motions, exhibits and other filings. Older documents which were subject to modification and translation may also be included. To access documents relevant to a particular case, go to The Cases.

ICTY Court Records
Online searchable database of the Tribunal's case documents. Contains more than 190,000 public records, ranging from arrest warrants, motions, exhibits, through to the final appeal judgement in every case.

Mladić (en, 23/10/2014)Decision on prosecution motion to re-open its case-in-chief
Hadžić (en, 16/10/2014)Transcript dated 16-10-2014
Hadžić (en, 15/10/2014)Transcript dated 15-10-2014
Hadžić (en, 14/10/2014)Transcript dated 14-10-2014
Hadžić (en, 13/10/2014)Transcript dated 13-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 16/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 16-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 15/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 15-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 14/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 14-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 13/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 13-10-2014
Mladić (en, 16/10/2014)Transcript dated 16-10-2014
Mladić (en, 15/10/2014)Transcript dated 15-10-2014
Mladić (en, 14/10/2014)Transcript dated 14-10-2014
Mladić (en, 13/10/2014)Transcript dated 13-10-2014
Mladić (fr, 16/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 16-10-2014
Mladić (fr, 15/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 15-10-2014
Mladić (fr, 14/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 14-10-2014
Mladić (fr, 13/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 13-10-2014
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 22/10/2014)Decision on joint Motion on behalf of Mico Stanisic and Stojan Zupljanin seeking expedited adjudication of their respective Grounds of Appeal 1 BIS and 6
Tolimir (B/C/S, 15/10/2014)Nalog o rasporedu za žalbeni pretres
Hadžić (en, 20/10/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for Admission of Evidence of DGH-104 pursuant to Rule 92 TER
Karadžić (en, 20/10/2014)Order for Extension of Time
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 17/10/2014)Amendment to Order Scheduling Status Conference
Hadžić (en, 10/10/2014)Transcript dated 10-10-2014
Hadžić (en, 09/10/2014)Transcript dated 09-10-2014
Hadžić (en, 08/10/2014)Transcript dated 08-10-2014
Hadžić (en, 07/10/2014)Transcript dated 07-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 10/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 10-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 09/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 09-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 08/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 08-10-2014
Hadžić (fr, 07/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 07-10-2014
Karadžić (B/C/S, 19/09/2014)Odluka po zahtjevu da se izbriše završni podnesak tužilastva
Tolimir (en, 15/10/2014)Scheduling order for appeal hearing
Karadžić (en, 15/10/2014)Decision on Motion to Treat Unsworn Statement as Evidence
Hadžić (en, 15/10/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for admission of evidence of DGH-015 pursuant to rule 92ter
Mladić (fr, 02/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 02-10-2014
Mladić (fr, 01/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 01-10-2014
Karadžić (en, 14/10/2014)Decision on Standby Counsel
Mladić (en, 14/10/2014)Order to redact the public transcript and the public broadcast of a hearing
Mladić (en, 14/10/2014)Order to redact the public transcript and the public broadcast of a hearing
Hadžić (en, 14/10/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for admission of evidence of DGH-091 pursuant to rule 92ter
Karadžić (en, 07/10/2014)Transcript dated 07-10-2014
Karadžić (fr, 07/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 07-10-2014
Karadžić (fr, 02/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 02-10-2014
Karadžić (fr, 01/10/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 01-10-2014
Karadžić (fr, 30/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 30-09-2014
Karadžić (en, 13/10/2014)Decision on motion for withdrawal of charges
Karadžić (en, 13/10/2014)Decision on Accused's ninety-fourth disclosure violation motion
Popović et al. (en, 10/10/2014)Scheduling Order
Karadžić (en, 10/10/2014)Order on the Status of D2000 and P4166
Hadžić (en, 10/10/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for Testimony of DGH-042 to be heard via Video-Conference Link
Prlić et al. (en, 09/10/2014)Decision on Appellant's requests for extension of time and word limits
Mladić (en, 02/10/2014)Transcript dated 02-10-2014
Mladić (en, 01/10/2014)Transcript dated 01-10-2014
Karadžić (en, 02/10/2014)Transcript dated 02-10-2014
Karadžić (en, 01/10/2014)Transcript dated 01-10-2014
Karadžić (en, 30/09/2014)Transcript dated 30-09-2014
Karadžić (en, 29/09/2014)Transcript dated 29-09-2014
Karadžić (fr, 29/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 29-09-2014
Tolimir (B/C/S, 22/09/2014)Nalog kojim se zamjenjuje sudija u predmetu pred žalbenim vijećem
Karadžić (en, 07/10/2014) Video - Closing Arguments - 7 October 2014
Karadžić (B/C/S, 07/10/2014)Video - Završne riječi - 07. oktobar 2014.
Karadžić (en, 02/10/2014)Video - Closing Arguments - 2 October 2014
Karadžić (B/C/S, 29/09/2014)Video - Završne riječi - 29. septembar 2014.
Karadžić (en, 29/09/2014)Video - Closing Arguments - 29 September 2014
Hadžić (en, 29/09/2014)Transcript dated 29-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 29/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 29-09-2014
Mladić (en, 30/09/2014)Transcript dated 30-09-2014
Mladić (en, 29/09/2014)Transcript dated 29-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 30/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 30-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 29/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 29-09-2014
Karadžić (B/C/S, 02/10/2014)Video - Završne riječi - 02. oktobar 2014.
Karadžić (B/C/S, 01/10/2014)Video - Završne riječi - 01. oktobar 2014.
Karadžić (en, 03/10/2014)Order to Redact the Public Transcript and Public Broadcast of a hearing
Hadžić (en, 02/10/2014)Decision on Renewed Defence Motion for Admission of Evidence of DGH-034 Pursuant to Rule 92 ter
Karadžić (en, 01/10/2014)Video - Closing Arguments - 1 October 2014
Mladić (en, 25/09/2014)Transcript dated 25-09-2014
Mladić (en, 24/09/2014)Transcript dated 24-09-2014
Mladić (en, 23/09/2014)Transcript dated 23-09-2014
Mladić (en, 22/09/2014)Transcript dated 22-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 25/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 25-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 24/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 24-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 23/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 23-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 22/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 22-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 02/10/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for admission of evidence of DGH-046 pursuant to rule 92ter
Karadžić (en, 01/10/2014)Order to Redact the Public Transcript and Public Broadcast of the Hearing
Karadžić (B/C/S, 30/09/2014)Video - Završne riječi - 30. septembar 2014.
Karadžić (en, 30/09/2014)Video - Closing Arguments - 30 September 2014
Prlić et al. (en, 23/09/2014)Transcript dated 23-09-2014
Prlić et al. (fr, 23/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 23-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 24/09/2014)Transcript dated 24-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 23/09/2014)Transcript dated 23-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 22/09/2014)Transcript dated 22-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 24/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 24-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 23/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 23-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 22/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 22-09-2014
Stanišić & Župljanin (en, 01/10/2014)Scheduling Order
Karadžić (en, 30/09/2014)Decision on Accused's Motion for Relief from Defects in the Indictment
Milka Maglov (B/C/S, 29/09/2014)Podaci o predmetu
Milka Maglov (fr, 29/09/2014)Fiche informative
Mladić (en, 22/09/2014)Transcript dated 22-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 26/09/2014)Decision on Prosecution submission concerning Defence compliance with Trial Chamber Order of 25 July 2014 and Defence request for reconsideration
Hadžić (en, 26/09/2014)Decision on Defence Motion for admission of evidence of DGH-098 pursuant to rule 92ter
Tolimir (fr, 12/12/2012)Jugement
Mladić (en, 19/09/2014)Transcript dated 19-09-2014
Mladić (en, 18/09/2014)Transcript dated 18-09-2014
Mladić (en, 17/09/2014)Transcript dated 17-09-2014
Mladić (en, 16/09/2014)Transcript dated 16-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 19/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 19-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 18/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 18-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 17/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 17-09-2014
Mladić (fr, 16/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 16-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 17/09/2014)Transcript dated 17-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 16/09/2014)Transcript dated 16-09-2014
Hadžić (en, 15/09/2014)Transcript dated 15-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 17/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 17-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 16/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 16-09-2014
Hadžić (fr, 15/09/2014)Compte-rendu d'audience du 15-09-2014