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December Top
22 December 1997The International Tribunal welcomes with appreciation Canada's support.
19 December 1997Prosecutor has filed motions to withdraw four indictments.
19 December 1997Marinko Katava, Ivan Santic and Pero Skopljak released by the International Tribunal.
18 December 1997Anto Furundzija to enter a plea on Friday 19 December 1997.
17 December 1997Statement by the Prosecutor Louise Arbour following her meeting with th French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Hubert Vedrine.
17 December 1997Kupreskic & others Case: Provisional release denied
10 December 1997Aleksovski case - Trial will begin on Tuesday 6 January 1998.
9 December 1997ICTY President Gabrielle Kirk McDonald addresses the ''Dayton'' Peace Implementation Council
9 December 1997ICTY Prosecutor Justice Louise Arbour addresses the ''Dayton'' Peace Implementation Council.
8 December 1997The Prosecutor of the International Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda, that the International Permanent Court ''be strong and well equipped to operate as an authoritative mechanism''
4 December 1997Aleksovski case - Trial date to be discussed at a closed Status Conference scheduled for 9 December 1997.
2 December 1997Dokmanovic case - Tentative trial date set for Monday.
1 December 1997Aleksovski case - Defendant requests that a trial date be set.
November Top
28 November 1997Celebici case and Dokmanovic case - Prosecution proceeds to Amend the Indictments.
26 November 1997Kovacevic case - Scheduling of a Public Hearing on the Defence Motion
19 November 1997Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald elected as President and Judge Mohamed Shahabuddeen as Vice-President.
19 November 1997President McDonald composes The Chambers.
18 November 1997Celebici case 1. Trial Chamber denies Prosecution Request for Witness Testimony by video-link. 2. Trial Chamber permits Dr. James Gow and Professor Constantin Economides to give Expert Testimony.
17 November 1997Kupreskic and others case - Four accused file a Preliminary Motion for provisional release.
12 November 1997Dokmanovic case - A bench of the Appeals Chamber upholds the rejection of the Motion for Release.
12 November 1997Five new Judges take oath on Monday 17 November 1997.
10 November 1997Dokmanovic case - Prosecutor responds to the accused's appeal against the decision on release.
7 November 1997United Kingdom becomes first state to agree to provide enhanced assistance to witness protection efforts of International Tribunal.
6 November 1997Judge Haopei Li dies at the age of 91.
5 November 1997Dokmanovic case - Motions for scheduling a trial date have been filed
4 November 1997Dokmanovic case - Accused appeals the decision denying his release
4 November 1997The President of The International Tribunal addresses The United Nations' General Assembly
October Top
29 October 1997Subpoena issue - The Appeals Chamber unanimously quashes the subpoenae issued to Croatia and its defence minister.
28 October 1997Celebici case - Trial Chamber issues an order releasing Esad Ramic from The subpoena ad testificandum.
27 October 1997Dokmanovic case - Trial Chamber denies the motion for release by the accused.
22 October 1997Blaškić Case / Subpoena Issue - Appeal Judgment to Be Handed Down on Wednesday 29 October 1997
15 October 1997Celebici case - Trial Chamber issues subpoenas with regard to six witnesses.
9 October 1997New version - Preliminary motion hearing and status conference. Kovacevic case - Update.
7 October 1997Erdemovic case - The Appeals Chamber rules that Drazen Erdemovic should enter a new plea.
6 October 1997Dario Kordic and nine other indictees who have surrended voluntarily will enter a plea on Wednesday 8 October 1997.
September Top
30 September 1997Erdemovic case - Appeals Chamber decision on the appeal filed by Drazen Erdemovic against the sentencing judgment to be handed down on tuesday 7 October 1997.
17 September 1997Blaskic case - Subpoena issue: Appeal hearings on 22 and 23 September 1997.
8 September 1997Celebici case - Trial Chambers issued two written decicions on defence motions of Zdravko Mucic.
8 September 1997Celebici case - Trial Chamber denies Esad Landzo's motion for for the exclusion of evidence.
4 September 1997Tadic and Kovacevic cases - Changes of defence lawyers.
3 September 1997Blaskic case - Trial Chamber rejects the defence motion to preclude testimony of certain prosecution witnesses.
1 September 1997Dokmanovic case - Hearings on defence motions scheduled on 5 and 8 September 1997.
August Top
15 August 1997Prosecutor Louise Arbour warns against forged document being circulated in Eastern Slavonia.
14 August 1997Judge Kirk McDonald urges that the International Permanent Court "must be effective"
14 August 1997Blaskic case - Subpoena issue Hearing scheduled on 22 and 23 September for the Appeal filed by Croatia against the "Subpoena Decision" of 18 July.
13 August 1997Tadic case: Defence Counsel appeals against Sentencing Jugdment of 14 July 1997.
1 August 1997Blaskic case: The Appeals Chamber grants the Republic of Croatia the right to appeal the subpoena Decision and suspends the subpoena Decision pending the disposal of the appeal.
July Top
29 July 1997The 1997 exhumations program commences in Brcko.
29 July 1997Kovacevic case: initial appearance scheduled for Wednesday 30 July 1997.
28 July 1997Motion hearings scheduled.
18 July 1997Kovacevic case: no date to be set next week for the initial appearance.
18 July 1997Trial Chamber II hands down its Decision on the subpoena issue: the subpoena duces tecum issued to Croatia and its Defence Minister in January 1997 must be complied with by 18 August 1997.
17 July 1997The International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia welcomes with gratitude the British Government's offer to finance the construction of an interim courtroom
15 July 1997Kovacevic case: the date for the initial appearance will be set next week
14 July 1997Dusko Tadic sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment.
10 July 1997Accused Kovacevic transferred to The Hague.
8 July 1997Dokmanovic case: the Defence files preliminary motions.
3 July 1997The new president of the European Union, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, will make co-operation with the ICTY "A basic condition for any progress in the development of the relations (...) between the E.U. and the countries of the region"
2 July 1997Dokmanovic case: initial appearance scheduled for Friday 4 July.
June Top
27 June 1997Apprehension and transfer to The Hague of an Accused under sealed indictment.
26 June 1997Blaskic case: Defence has filed a motion to preclude testimony of 53 Prosecution witnesses.
26 June 1997Celebici case update: Trial Chamber rejects Accused Delic's request for exculpatory evidence.
26 June 1997Aleksovski case update: Accused seeks separate trial and challenges the form of his indictment.
25 June 1997Tadic case: pre-sentencing hearing begins on 30 June.
19 June 1997Tadic case: update, revised composition of the Appeals Chamber.
18 June 1997Tadic case: update, Appeals Judges assigned.
17 June 1997The trial of General Blaskic will begin on Tuesday 24 June.
12 June 1997Tadic case: update.
11 June 1997Blaskic case: update.
9 June 1997Tadic case: Prosecutor files notice of appeal against Judgement.
9 June 1997Blaskic trial media accreditation.
5 June 1997Tadic case update: application for appeal by witness Opacic rejected.
4 June 1997Tadic case update: Defence files notice of appeal against Judgement.
2 June 1997Tadic case: update.
May Top
30 May 1997Blaskic case: hearing on subpoena to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday 13 June.
30 May 1997Tadic case: update.
29 May 1997Visit of the State Prosecutor of Montenegro.
29 May 1997Celebici case: Prosecution case to continue Friday after Decision on contempt issue.
27 May 1997Ambassador Gelbard has visited the OTP Office in Belgrade.
27 May 1997U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and Prosecutor Louise Arbour to meet at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
26 May 1997Celebici case: two new defence lawyers appointed.
22 May 1997Celebici case: next hearing on Wednesday 28 May.
21 May 1997Erdemovic case: appeal hearing on 26 May at 9:30 a.m.
21 May 1997The eleven elected ICTY Judges will be sworn in on 17 November 1997
20 May 1997Celebici case: next hearing on Thursday 22 May.
16 May 1997Celebici case: hearings schedule.
9 May 1997Celebici case: hearings' schedule.
8 May 1997Finland is the second State to sign an agreement on the enforcement of sentences.
7 May 1997Blaskic indictment amended for the 2nd time and once more challenged.
7 May 1997Tadic case: the verdict.
7 May 1997Erdemovic appeal: preliminary hearing on 26 May at 10.00 a.m.
1 May 1997Tadic case: the Judgement procedure.
April Top
29 April 1997Aleksovski case: accused's initial appearance postponed for one hour until 4 p.m. today
29 April 1997Judge Deschenes resigns for medical reasons
28 April 1997Accused Aleksovski turned over to the Tribunal.
25 April 1997Celebici trial adjourned for one week.
23 April 1997Tadic case: withdrawal of assigned Defence counsel and assignment of new lead counsel granted to the accused.
22 April 1997Celebici case: the Prosecutor is granted leave to drop one of the murder charges against Esad Landzo.
22 April 1997Tadic case: Judgement to be handed down on 7 May 1997
22 April 1997Tadic case: Trial Chamber to consider a request by the accused to withdraw lead counsel.
15 April 1997Celebici case: Prosecutors seek leave to drop one of the murder charges against Esad Landzo.
15 April 1997Tribunal signs Agreement with the Government of Italy for the secondment of personnel.
14 April 1997Blaskic case: Justice Arbour, Prosecutor of the ICTY, will appear in court for the hearing on 16 April 1997.
11 April 1997Blaskic case: Subpoena hearing on Wednesday 16 April 1997.
4 April 1997Blaskic case: subpoena proceedings update.
1 April 1997Former Judge Rustam S. Sidhwa passed away on 31 March 1997
March Top
21 March 1997Blaskic case: defence motion to compel Bosnia and Herzegovina to produce documents said to be exculpatory referred to Trial Chamber II.
19 March 1997President Mary Robinson of the Republic of Ireland demonstrates her commitment to human rights by visiting the International Tribunal.
19 March 1997Justice Arbour's statement regarding war crimes related trials currently underway in Germany.
18 March 1997Celebici case: new co-counsel appointed for defendant Mucic.
17 March 1997Blaskic case: full Trial Chamber II to sit on 16 April 1997 hearing concerning Prosecutor's subpoenas.
10 March 1997Blaskic case: motions hearing commencing on Wednesday 12 March.
7 March 1997Blaskic case: two hearings scheduled for April relating to the subpoenas Duces Tecum.
6 March 1997Federal Minister of Justice of Germany has visited the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
3 March 1997Blaskic case: Federation Defence Minister directed to produce the subpoenaed documents or face contempt proceedings.
3 March 1997United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan besought by the International Tribunal's President
February Top
28 February 1997Celebici trial accreditation.
28 February 1997Blaskic case: the defence requests issuance of a subpoena to the "Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina" compelling the production of documents "believed exculpatory".
26 February 1997Blaskic case: clarification.
25 February 1997Blaskic case: Federation Defence Minister ordered to appear before Judge McDonald on 28 February at 10 a.m.
24 February 1997United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan visits the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
19 February 1997Blaskic case: Judge suspends order against Croatia to allow informal resolution of evidence issue.
17 February 1997Blaskic case: possible public hearing to be held on Wednesday 19 February 1997.
14 February 1997Blaskic case: Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina ordered to comply with Prosecutor's request for production of documentary evidence.
6 February 1997Italian Minister of Justice signs the very first agreement on enforcement of sentences as yet another indication of full Italian support for international criminal justice.
6 February 1997Agreement with Italy on enforcement of sentences: a balanced compromise between international and domestic law
4 February 1997Blaskic case: update
3 February 1997Italy to be the first country to sign the agreement on the enforcement of sentences
January Top
30 January 1997Trial Chamber disposes of motions filed in Celebici case.
27 January 1997Visit by Australian Foreign Minister Hon. Alexander Downer, M.P. to the Tribunal
20 January 1997Italian Foreign Minister Dini reaffirms support for the Tribunal
17 January 1997Celebici trial rescheduled.
15 January 1997Prosecutor Louise Arbour to visit the former Yugoslavia.
13 January 1997Blaskic case: modification of General Blaskic's conditions of dentention.
7 January 1997Erdemovic case: new composition of the Appeals Chamber
3 January 1997Erdemovic case: appeal against the sentence.