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December Top
22 December 1998Mladen Naletilic ("Tuta") and Vinko Martinovic ("Stela") indicted for their alleged involvement in the ethnic cleansing of the mostar municipality
15 December 1998Mr. Nobilo Found to be in Contempt of the Tribunal
15 December 1998''Vukovar Hospital'' Case: Trial Chamber I requests the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to defer the proceedings instituted against Mile Mrksic, Veselin Sljivancanin and Miroslav Radic.
15 December 1998Remarks by Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, to the Peace Implementation Council Plenary Meeting in Madrid.
14 December 1998Letter from President McDonald to the Peace Implementation Council.
10 December 1998Furundzija Case: The Judgement of the Trial Chamber Anto Furundzija found guilty on both charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison .
8 December 1998Judge Gabrielle Kirk Mcdonald, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia addresses the United Nations Security Council.
7 December 1998"Vukovar Hospital" case: the Prosecutor seeks the deferral to the ICTY of proceedings instituted in serbia against M. Mrksic, V. Slijvancanin and M. Radic deferral hearing to be held on wednesday 9 Decemb
4 December 1998Initial Appearance of Radislav Krstic on monday 7 December at 11.00 a.m.
2 December 1998Furundzija Case: The Judgement will be pronounced on 10 December 1998.
2 December 1998Statement by the prosecutor regarding the detention of Radislav Krstic.
November Top
30 November 1998The Omarska and Keraterm Cases: Further Initial Appearance on 10 December 1998 of defendants Radic, Kvocka, Zigic and Kos.
20 November 1998The third Trial Chamber is composed and cases are assigned.
16 November 1998Celebici case: the Judgement of the Trial Chamber. Zejnil Delalic acquitted, Zdravko Mucic sentenced to 7 years in prison, Hazim Delic sentenced to 20 years in prison, Esad Landzo sentenced to 15 years in prison.
13 November 1998Judge D. Hunt, Judge M. Bennouna and Judge P. Robinson will take the oath on Monday 16 November 1998.
11 November 1998The President urges the Security Council "to provide the support necessary to enable the Tribunal to discharge its mandate".
6 November 1998Celebici case:The judgement will be announced on 16 november 1998.
5 November 1998Statement by Judge Mcdonald, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
5 November 1998Statement by Justice Louise Arbour, Prosecutor of The ICTY.
4 November 1998Statement by Justice Louise Arbour, Prosecutor of the ICTY.
October Top
29 October 1998''Brcko'' Indictment: Goran Jelisic pleads guilty to the majority of the charges in the Second Amended Indictment.
22 October 1998Letter from President McDonald to the President of the Security Council.
20 October 1998Outreach symposium marks the first successful step in campaign for better understanding of the icty in the Former Yugoslavia.
19 October 1998Ahmici visit Cancelled. Three new Judges selected.
15 October 1998Prosecutor seeks assurance from President Milosevic regarding Kosovo investigations
14 October 1998Statement by the President of the International Tribunal on the agreements on Kosovo.
7 October 1998The indictment of Dario Kordic and Mario Cerkez has been amended: Further appearance of the accused on wednesday 14 october 1998 at 10 a.m.
7 October 1998Statement by the Office of the Prosecutor: "The Prosecutor does not accept the refusal by the FRY to allow Kosovo investigations".
2 October 1998ICTY President McDonald addresses the Security Council.
September Top
30 September 1998"Bosanski Samac" Case: plea of the defendant Todorovic Postponed.
30 September 1998ICTY President McDonald to address the Security Council on Friday 2 October.
28 September 1998Bosanski Samac: initial appearance of Stevan Todorovic on Wednesday 30 september 1998.
23 September 1998Search warrants being executed in Bosnia Herzegovina.
9 September 1998The Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia seeks the assistance of the Security Council.
7 September 1998Completion of the internal inquiry into the death of Dr. Milan Kovacevic.
4 September 1998Statement by Justice Louise Arbour Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Rwanda.
August Top
31 August 1998Further appearance next thursday of Milan Simic, Miroslav Tadic and Simo Zaric ("Bosanski Samac" indictment).
25 August 1998Kunarac case: The Prosecutor has been granted leave to amend the indictment - The accused will plead to the new charges on Friday 28 August.
12 August 1998Open letter from the detainees regarding their conditions at the ICTY's detention unit
6 August 1998"Internal inquiry into the death of Dr. Milan Kovacevic".
3 August 1998Milan Kovacevic passed away
July Top
24 July 1998"False identifications"
23 July 1998Completion of the internal inquiry into the death of Slavko Dokmanovic.
23 July 1998Release of two persons believed to be indicted by the Tribunal.
16 July 1998ICTY Judges successfully conclude review of judicial procedures.
14 July 1998Furundzija case: Trial will re-open in early september.
10 July 1998Furundzija case: Judgement hearing of 15 july postponed.
9 July 1998Furundzija case: Judgement to be handed down on Wednesday 15 July.
7 July 1998Communication from the Prosecutor to the Contact Group Members.
2 July 1998Kovacevic case: the trial opens on Monday 6 July 1998. First trial on Genocide charges.
June Top
29 June 1998Accused Slavko Dokmanovic found dead in his cell.
22 June 1998Kunarac case: a Pre-Trial Judge is appointed in order to speed up the proceedings.
18 June 1998Dokmanovic case and Furundzija case: both Trials to be completed next week.
15 June 1998Milorad Krnojelac detained under sealed indictment and transferred to the International Tribunal.
9 June 1998Kovacevic case: new initial appearance hearing re-scheduled.
8 June 1998Minister Van Mierlo and Ambassador Scheffer to inaugurate Courtroom III on Friday 12 June.
4 June 1998The Trial of Anto Furundzija begins on Monday 8 June 1998.
May Top
29 May 1998Furundzija case: Prosecutor's response to defendant's motion to dismiss the indictment.
29 May 1998Initial appearance of Milijica Kos scheduled on tuesday 2 June 1998 at 5 P.M.
27 May 1998Furundzija case: Defendant's motion to dismiss the indictment and to release the accused.
18 May 1998Kupreskic & others case: Trial Chamber has ruled on various pre-trial motions.
15 May 1998Kovacevic Case: Tentative trial commencement date set for 6 July 1998.
13 May 1998Statement by the Deputy Prosecutor: "Mrs Plavsic has never been indicted".
8 May 1998Statement by the Prosecutor following the withdrawal of the charges against 14 accused.
7 May 1998Kovacevic case: Trial Chamber will hear arguments on Prosecutor's Motion for joinder of accused on Monday 11 May 1998.
1 May 1998Statement by Prosecutor Louise Arbour regarding the International Tribunal for Rwanda.
1 May 1998Inauguration of Courtroom II will take place on 5 May 1998
April Top
16 April 1998Zoran Žigić in the Custody of Authorities of the Republika Srpska
16 April 1998Press statement by the Prosecutor concerning the voluntary surrender of Zoran Zigic.
15 April 1998The 1998 exhumations programme is about to begin
9 April 1998Initial appearance of Miroslav Kvocka and Mladen Radic on tuesday 14 april.
March Top
31 March 1998The Office of the Prosecutor welcomes a major British donation for the 1998 exhumations programme.
26 March 1998Simic case: Provisional release of the accused ordered.
18 March 1998Celebici case: Trial Chamber denies the defence's motions of "no case" to answer.
17 March 1998Celebici case: A bench of the appeals Chamber denies defendant Delalic leave to appeal Decisions of the Trial Chamber.
13 March 1998Kunarac case: Trial Chamber enters a not-guilty plea for the accused.
10 March 1998The Prosecutor's statement regarding the Tribunal's jurisdiction over Kosovo.
9 March 1998Kovacevic case: Trial commencement date set for Monday 11 May 1998.
5 March 1998Drazen Erdemovic sentenced to 5 Years of imprisonment.
5 March 1998Jelisic Case: Prosecution files motion to withdraw article 2 charges.
4 March 1998Dragoljub KUNARAC is the first accused of rape and torture of Bosnian Muslim women to turn himself in.
3 March 1998Blaskic Case: Binding order on the Republic of Croatia to be argued before Trial Chamber I.
February Top
27 February 1998Search warrants being executed in Banja Luka.
27 February 1998Prosecutor's comments on purported statements by Ambassador Robert Gelbard.
25 February 1998Initial Appearance of Simo Zaric on Thursday 26 February.
20 February 1998Blaskic case: The trial chamber confirms the fundamental principle of the accused's right to be tried without undue delay by refusing to adjourn the trial due to the temporary unavailability of one of the three judges.
16 February 1998President McDonald asks the Security Council to establish an additional Trial Chamber
16 February 1998Erdemovic case: Sentencing Hearing postponed. Initial appearance of Milan Simic and Miroslav Tadic on Tuesday 17 February.
14 February 1998Statement by the Prosecutor, Justice Louise Arbour, following the first voluntary and unconditional surrender of accused from Republika SRPSKA.
10 February 1998Tadic Case: Republika SRPSKA ordered to assist the Defence Lawyers.
January Top
28 January 1998Aleksovski case: Provisional release of the accused rejected.
27 January 1998Celebici case: Trial Chamber rules on various evidentiary matters.
23 January 1998Blaskic case: Defence objection to the admission of hearsay is rejected.
22 January 1998Initial appearance of Goran Jelisic on Monday 26 January.
12 January 1998Erdemovic case: The accused 's re-plea will be entered on Wednesday 14 January.
9 January 1998Dokmanovic case: The defendant's three co-accused called upon to surrender to the Tribunal before the beginning of the Trial.
8 January 1998The International Tribunal welcomes with delight the ''Magnificent Donation'' by the Netherlands and the United States of a "very much needed" fully-fledged second courtroom
6 January 1998Initial appearance of Vlatko Kupreskic on Friday 16 January at 9 a.m.