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December Top
20 December 2002ICTY Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte Addresses once again "The Unsatisfactory Co-operation" of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with the Office of the Prosecutor
19 December 2002Security Council Stresses the Importance of States' Full Cooperation with the International Tribunals
19 December 2002Association of Defence Counsel Formally Recognised by the ICTY
13 December 2002Milorad Krnojelac Granted a Five-day Provisional Release for Family Reasons
13 December 200227th Plenary of the ICTY Judges
12 December 2002Dragoljub Kunarac Transferred to Germany to Serve Prison Sentence
11 December 2002The Prosecutor v. Radoslav Brdjanin & Momir Talic
November Top
29 November 2002Judgment in the Case "The Prosecutor v. Mitar Vasiljevic" Accused Sentenced to 20 Years Imprisonment
29 November 2002Appeals Chamber Rejects Applications Made by Croatie in the Prosecutor v. Janko Bobetko Case
28 November 2002Radomir Kovac and Zoran Vukovic Transferred to Norway to serve Prison Sentences
12 November 2002Amended Indictment against Ratko Mladic
5 November 2002Appointment of Judge Carmen Maria Argibay to ICTY
October Top
30 October 2002Address by his Excellency, Judge Claude Jorda, President of the ICTY, to the UN Security Council
30 October 2002Address by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, Mrs. Carla del Ponte, to the United Nations Security Council
30 October 2002Appeals Chamber Denies Provisional Release of Nikola Šainović and Dragoljub Ojdanić
29 October 2002Address by his Excellency, Judge Claude Jorda, President of the ICTY, to the UN General Assembly
23 October 2002Judge Claude Jorda, President of the ICTY, reports the Continued Non-Cooperation by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the Security Council
21 October 2002Drago Nikolic, Vujadin Popovic and Ljubisa Beara: Indictments Unsealed for their Alleged Participation in Crimes Committed after the take-over of the Srebenica Enclave
17 October 2002Sentencing Judgement in the case "The Prosecutor v. Milan Simic" Accused Convicted to 5 years Imprisonment
14 October 2002Amended Indictment against Radovan Karadzic Unsealed
11 October 2002Trial Chamber III Orders the Registrar of the ICTY to Revoke Appointment of Amicus Curiae
9 October 2002Dragan Nikolic's Motion for Unlawful Arrest Denied
7 October 2002Chambers have issued Decisions on: The Acquittal Motion of Stanislav Galic The Provisional Release Appeal of Vidoje Blagojevic and Dragan Obrenovic
7 October 2002The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Requested to Defer Five Cases to the Competence of the International Tribunal
4 October 2002Indictment against Zoran Marinic Withdrawn.
2 October 2002Statement on behalf of Biljana Plavsic Statement by Robert Pavich, Lead Counsel for Biljana Plavsic
1 October 2002Extraordinary Plenary Session of 30 September 2002
September Top
30 September 2002Ljubomir Borovcanin: Indictment Unsealed
20 September 2002Momir Talic Granted Provisional Release
4 September 2002Joint Press Release with regard to Kosovo sexual assault witnesses from the Registrar and Prosecutor of the ICTY
July Top
31 July 2002The President of the ICTY orders release of Milojica Kos
29 July 2002Indictment against Milan Zec withdrawn
26 July 2002Address by his excellency, Judge Claude Jorda, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, to the United Nations Security Council
20 July 2002Momcilo Gruban on Provisional Release
19 July 2002Judges' Plenary Session adopt reforms concerning Defense Counsel Teams
10 July 2002Transfer of Radovan Stankovic
8 July 2002Transfer of Miroslav Deronjic
8 July 2002Legal Aid to Accused Zoran Zigic withdrawn following the completion of a financial investigation by the Registry
June Top
27 June 2002Dragoljub Ojdanic and Nikola Sainovic granted Provisional Release pending Appeal by the Prosecution
27 June 2002The Third Diplomatic Seminar Hosted by the ICTY focuses on the development of a "Completion Strategy"
17 June 2002Ranko Cesic transferred to The Hague
14 June 2002Arrest and Transfer of Darko Mrdja
14 June 2002Visit of the President and Prosecutor of the ICTY to Bosnia and Herzegovina
12 June 2002Sentencing Judgement in the Kunarac, Kovac and Vukovic (Foca) Case
May Top
28 May 2002Dragan Jokic granted Provisional Release
19 May 2002Dusan Knezevic transferred to The Hague
15 May 2002Milan Martic and Mile Mrksic transferred to The Hague
10 May 2002Dusko Sikirica and Damir Dosen Transferred to Austria to serve Prison Sentence
2 May 2002Nikola Sainovic and Momcilo Gruban transferred to The Hague
April Top
25 April 2002Transfer of Dragoljub Ojdanic to The Hague
24 April 2002Extraordinary Plenary Session of Tuesday 23 April 2002
12 April 2002International Criminal Court: statement by ICTY President, Judge Claude Jorda
12 April 2002Vladimir Santic transferred to Spain to serve the remainder of his prison sentence
12 April 2002Milomir Stakic trial to begin on Tuesday 16 April 2002
11 April 2002Nenad Banovic released from ICTY custody following an order by Trial Chamber III withdrawing his Indictment
10 April 2002Three ad litem Judges make their solemn declarations
9 April 2002Drago Josipovic transferred to Spain to serve prison sentence
2 April 2002Arrest and transfer of Momir Nikolic
March Top
15 March 2002Sentencing Judgement in the Krnojelac case
6 March 2002President of the Tribunal meets with American Diplomatic Delegation
February Top
20 February 2002Provisional Release Granted to Rahim Ademi and Miodrag Jokic.
18 February 2002Protective measures for witnesses testifying at the ICTY
15 February 2002Broadcast of Proceedings at the ICTY through the Internet
5 February 2002The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic will begin on Tuesday 12 February at 9:30 a.m.
1 February 2002Milosevic Case: The Appeals Chamber Grants the Prosecution's Appeal for Joinder.
January Top
31 January 2002Voluntary Surrender of Dusan Fustar to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
25 January 2002"The Prosecutor against Slobodan Milosevic": The Appeals Chamber has scheduled a hearing on the issue of the joinder of the indictments
18 January 2002Brdjanin and Talic Trial to begin Wednesday 23 January 2002.
10 January 2002Bench of Appeals Chamber grants Prosecution Leave to Appeal Joinder Decision in Milosevic Case.