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December Top
22 December 2008Dragan Jokić Transferred to Austria to Serve Sentence
17 December 2008Haraqija and Morina Found Guilty of Contempt
15 December 2008Ad Litem Judge Baird Sworn In
12 December 2008President Robinson’s Address Before UN Security Council
12 December 2008Statement By Judge Patrick Robinson, President, International Criminal Tribunal For The Former Yugoslavia To The Security Council
12 December 2008Prosecutor Brammertz's Address Before the Security Council
12 December 2008Address of Serge Brammertz, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to the United Nations Security Council 12 December 2008
10 December 2008New Tribunal Website Launched -
2 December 2008Tribunal’s Principals Address Diplomatic Community
November Top
20 November 2008Judge Flügge Sworn In
17 November 2008Statement of the President of the Tribunal - Judge Patrick Robinson
10 November 2008Prosecutor Serge Brammertz in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade
4 November 2008Judge Robinson and Judge Kwon Elected as President and Vice-President of the Tribunal
October Top
13 October 2008Address of Judge Fausto Pocar, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, to the United Nations General Assembly.
13 October 2008President Pocar’s Address before the United Nations General Assembly
8 October 2008Appeals Chamber Affirms 35-Year Sentence for Milan Martić
6 October 2008Appeals Judgement for Milan Martić to be rendered 8 October 2008
2 October 2008Momčilo Perišić Trial to Begin Today
2 October 2008Nikola Šainović Granted Provisional Release
September Top
19 September 2008Albania Signs Enforcement of Sentences Agreement
19 September 2008Poland Signs Enforcement of Sentences Agreement
15 September 2008Rasim Delić Sentenced to Three Years for Cruel Treatment
11 September 2008Ljubiša Petković Sentenced to Four Months for Contempt of Court
10 September 2008Milutinović Granted Provisional Release
5 September 2008Outreach Programme Takes Part in Belgrade Conference
August Top
27 August 2008Florence Hartmann Indicted For Contempt
July Top
30 July 2008Prosecutor Serge Brammertz Statement on the transfer of Radovan Karadzic
30 July 2008Radovan Karadžić in Tribunal’s Custody
24 July 2008Baton Haxhiu Found Guilty of Contempt of the Tribunal
21 July 2008Tribunal Welcomes the Arrest of Radovan Karadzic
21 July 2008Statement of the Office of the Prosecutor on the Arrest of Radovan Karadžić
17 July 2008Appeals Judgement Summary For Pavle Strugar
17 July 2008Appeals Chamber Expands the Scope of Strugar’s Responsibility for Dubrovnik Shelling
11 July 2008Mićo Stanišić Granted Provisional Release
11 July 2008Dragoljub Ojdanić Granted Provisional Release
10 July 2008Judgement Summary For Ljube Boškoski and Johan Tarčulovski
10 July 2008Boškoski Acquitted and Tarčulovski Sentenced to 12 Years’ Imprisonment
8 July 2008Milan Lukić and Sredoje Lukić Trial to Begin
3 July 2008Appeals Judgement Summary For Naser Orić
3 July 2008Appeals Chamber Acquits Naser Orić
1 July 2008Norman Farrell Takes up his Duties as Deputy Prosecutor
June Top
30 June 2008Zdravko Tolimir Warned that Disruptive Conduct will lead to Imposition of Defence Counsel
27 June 2008Stanišić and Simatović Granted Provisional Release
23 June 2008President Pocar Reports Serbia to the Security Council
23 June 2008President Fausto Pocar Visits Slovenia
21 June 2008Stojan Župljanin in Tribunal’s Custody
12 June 2008Prosecutor’s Statement on Župljanin Arrest
11 June 2008Princess Astrid of Belgium Visits Tribunal
10 June 2008Tribunal’s Principals Address Diplomatic Community in The Hague
4 June 2008President Pocar’s Address Before the Security Council
4 June 2008Prosecutor Brammertz's Address Before The Security Council
May Top
28 May 2008Tribunal and OSCE ODIHR Commence Capacity Building Legacy Project
28 May 2008Ljubiša Petković Charged with Contempt and Transferred to the Tribunal
23 May 2008Borovčanin and Miletić Granted Provisional Release
23 May 2008Baton Haxhiu Granted Provisional Release
22 May 2008Prosecutors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the OSCE Ambassador Visit the Tribunal
20 May 2008Baton Haxhiu Indicted for Contempt of Court
16 May 2008Appeals Chamber Orders Adjournment in Jovica Stanišić Trial
15 May 2008Haradin Bala Transferred To France To Serve Sentence
13 May 2008Vinko Martinović Transferred to Italy to Serve Sentence
13 May 2008Astrit Haraqija and Bajrush Morina Granted Provisional Release
6 May 2008Ojdanić Granted Provisional Release
1 May 2008Bruno Stojić Granted Provisional Release
April Top
28 April 2008Jadranko Prlić Granted Provisional Release
28 April 2008Astrit Haraqija and Bajrush Morina Initial Appearance
25 April 2008Mladen Naletilić Transferred To Italy To Serve Sentence
25 April 2008Astrit Haraqija And Bajrush Morina Indicted For Contempt Of Court
23 April 2008Tribunal And UNICRI Begin Project To Safeguard The Tribunal’s Legacy
22 April 2008Hadžihasanović & Kubura Appeals Only Partially Granted
22 April 2008Milivoj Petković Granted Provisional Release
15 April 2008Berislav Pušić Granted Provisional Release
15 April 2008Pavle Strugar Granted Provisional Release
15 April 2008Vladimir Lazarević Granted Provisional Release
9 April 2008Jovica Stanišić Fit To Stand Trial
7 April 2008Slovakia Signs Enforcement Of Sentences Agreement
7 April 2008Provisional Release For Šainović Modified
4 April 2008Šainović Granted Provisional Release
3 April 2008Haradinaj And Balaj Acquitted Of All Charges,Brahimaj Guilty Of Cruel Treatment And Torture In Jablanica Compound
March Top
20 March 2008Prosecutor Serge Brammertz Meets Serbian Delegation
18 March 2008Stanišić & Simatović Start Of Trial Postponed
14 March 2008Pavković Granted Provisional Release
11 March 2008Prlic And Others To Remain In Detention Unit
10 March 2008Ad Litem Judge Ķinis Sworn In
7 March 2008Stanišić & Simatović Start Of Trial Postponed
6 March 2008Stanišić & Simatović trial scheduled to begin 10 March 2008
6 March 2008Prosecutor Serge Brammertz on a two day visit to Sarajevo
6 March 2008Gotovina and Others Trial to Begin on 11 March 2008
5 March 2008Zagreb Media Event
5 March 2008Prosecutor Serge Brammertz meets with Carl Bildt
4 March 2008Radoslav Brdjanin transferred to Denmark to serve sentence
3 March 2008Three Ad Litem Judges sworn in
February Top
29 February 2008Rašević & Todović Judgement delivered by Bosnian Court in case referred by ICTY
27 February 2008Dragan Zelenović transferred to Belgium to serve sentence
22 February 2008Prlic and others provisional release stayed
21 February 2008UN Security Council Approves an Increase of Ad Litem Judges
20 February 2008Five accused in Prlić and others case granted provisional release
11 February 2008Estonia signs enforcement of sentences agreement
6 February 2008Trial Chamber in Rasim Delic case to hold a hearing in Sarajevo
January Top
25 January 2008Vidoje Blagojević transferred to Norway to serve sentence
16 January 2008Statement of Serge Brammertz, Prosecutor of the ICTY
7 January 2008ICTY Internet Broadcast resumes