During the final years of its mandate, the Tribunal's Outreach Programme is creating a repository of information material, which will make its work and achievements accessible to a wide range of audiences, and in particular to young people.

With this goal in mind, in recent years the Outreach Programme has intensified its production of documentary films. The films relate both to the Tribunal's achievements in creating groundbreaking jurisprudence, and to the clusters of cases linked to geographical areas which were amongst the most heavily affected by war-time violence in the former Yugoslavia.

The films have been presented and distributed both in the former Yugoslavia and internationally and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from various stakeholders, including from victims, academics, civil society and students.

In the Outreach Annual Report 2012, ICTY President Theodor Meron said that "the production and presentation of a documentary film about the Tribunal’s ground-breaking role in trying crimes of wartime sexual violence, and the translation of this film into Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Macedonian, and Albanian, is an important example of the innovative outreach projects undertaken in the former Yugoslavia".