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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing
22 October 2014

I’ll begin with an update in the case of Jadranko Prlić and others. On 9 October, the Appeals Chamber granted a motion by Defence teams, supported by the Prosecution, for an extension of time for the filing of appeal briefs. The Chamber ordered that the appeal briefs be filed by 12 January 2015....

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President Meron’s address before the United Nations General Assembly
14 October 2014

President Theodor Meron yesterday presented the Tribunal’s twenty-first annual report to the UN General Assembly. President Meron reported on the Tribunal’s steady progress in completing its last remaining cases, noting that fewer than ten trials and appeals remain unfinished...

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Official Visit of Prosecutor Serge Brammertz to Montenegro
8 October 2014

At the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Duško Marković, Prosecutor Serge Brammertz will travel to Podgorica, Montenegro on 9 and 10 October 2014. This is his first official visit to Montenegro.

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Prosecutor Serge Brammertz Met with Representatives of Victims Associations
30 September 2014

Prosecutor Serge Brammertz met today with the representatives of victims’ associations attending the closing arguments in the Radovan Karadžić case: Murat Tahirović, President of the Association of Victims and Witnesses of Genocide, and Munira Subašić, Kada Hotić and...

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Tribunal welcomed hundreds of visitors on The Hague International Open Doors Day
22 September 2014

The ICTY yesterday welcomed 700 visitors as part of the seventh annual ‘International Open Doors Day’ organised by the Municipality of The Hague. On this day, international organisations across The Hague, including the ICTY, opened their doors to the public...

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